Walmart’s New Subscription Service Targets Amazon Prime Customers

Walmart’s New Subscription Service Targets Amazon Prime Customers
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The battle for online retail supremacy just intensified today as Walmart announces it will be launching an unlimited shipping service very similar to Amazon’s Prime shipping service but for only $50 a year. For those new to North America and/or electricity, Prime is a service from mega-online retailer Amazon that guarantees items will be delivered to your home in just 2 days (annual fee approximately $99/year).

Walmart, the king of under-appreciating their employees, is finally throwing a counter-punch. This spring Walmart (the worlds largest retailer) will be beta testing a currently unnamed shipping service a small percentage of its over 7 million online products in a limited capacity, offered to a limited amount of customers, from limited regions of the country.

Walmart vs Amazon


The service falls slightly short of Amazon Primes 2-day shipping by offering 3-day shipping, but it does come with the advantage of savings at an annual cost of $50 a year; that’s only half the cost of Amazon’s Prime. However, Amazon does offer what Gizmodo calls “the oh-so-sweet multimedia package deal that Amazon Prime is”. This is in reference to free streaming video much like Netflix, free unlimited streaming music, unlimited photo storage, access to the Kindle Lending Library and can all be done on desktop, mobile, and even smart televisions.

It’s no secret that as consumers we want fast and we want cheap. At Wealth WrapUp we see Walmart’s new service as a plus for the industry and we’re sure it will find traction just in time for the holidays. There is currently no word if the unnamed service will be offer Sam’s Club but if the service were bundled between stores we are definitely on board.