15 Hollywood Stars That Allegedly Stink

15 Hollywood Stars That Allegedly Stink
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You would think that celebs have just about everything they could ever need… houses, cars, you name it. But, even having everything in the world cannot stop having bad body odor or having hot sewage-like breath. And the worst part of this for the celebs is everyone in the world will know, because their co-stars, managers, tormented ex-lovers are willing to tell everything about them after it’s over. Wouldn’t you think celebs would know by now to be kind to everyone they meet by now, because obviously someone is going to say something about whatever stench is coming off their body. Here’s 15 Celebrities Who Allegedly Stink!

1. Kendra Wilkinson


Former Playboy Playmate/ former girlfriend of Playboy Magazine found Hugh Hefner, Kendra Wilkinson is known for having a slight odor. According to an old stylist (and Star magazine…) she doesn’t care about body odor and it gets out.

2. Britney Spears



I don’t know what it is about Britney Spears, but she has gotten a really bad rep for being the cleanest celeb around. We all know that she went through some pretty rough years, especially the great meltdown of 2007. But, she’s been reported to be a serious nose picker and not keeping up with her personal hygiene like not showering/brushing teeth or hair for days. Oh, and no deodorant.

3. Zac Efron



Zac Efron is almost as bad as a teenage boy when it comes to keeping good hygiene. Rumor has it that he’s a big fan of playing basketball and intense workouts, but somehow manages not to shower after all the excessive sweating. Such a pretty guy, with such bad habits #SadEmoji. He’s even been rumored to use baby wipes to wipe himself down after his sweaty adventures. But, his ex-boo Vanessa Hudgens, completely disagrees.

4. Megan Fox



Seriously? Megan Fox is probably on the list of the last people in Hollywood that I would expect to not have good hygiene, because apparently Fox is a messy slob and not the best to live with. Don’t let the eyebrows #OnFleek and the red lips fool you, Fox even admits she’s the worst. She will go #2 in the toilet and forget to flush and doesn’t care for cleaning, hence why she doesn’t do any.

5. Robert Pattinson

'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' - Madrid Premiere


Oh man, the stories floating around the web about Robert Pattinson and his smelly body and clothes are intense. The Twilight star carried a pretty crazy schedule back when they were shooting all the teenage angst-filled vampire movies. So, Pattinson didn’t mind not washing his clothes or taking showers, as long as he couldn’t smell himself. Well, many people could smell the stench and were not for #TeamEdward.

6. Shailene Woodley


And the word is out about Shailene Woodley, she has got multiple odor syndrome. Woodley uses some sort of Chinese supplement in her mouth that smells like wet dog, making her mouth have a terrible odor, she’s been seen rubbing essential oils on her body and is said to be offensive. What’s crazy is, the designers that lend the Divergent star clothes don’t want them back, seeing that it’s almost impossible to get the smell out.

7. Johnny Depp



There aren’t too many people who didn’t like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribean. They loved the movie and thought that he really looked great in the role. Well, too bad that he probably smelled just as bad as real life pirates. Depp has been known to not shower every day or every other day, more like go a few days and wind up smelling like Captain SmellyCrack.

8. Emma Stone


I feel like Emma Stone is no different from the rest of us. When you try out different products, all it takes is one wrong product and you can smell like The Little Mermaid. She was staying at one of these expensive hotels with their name brand expensive products and the products left her smelling like she just smoked weed in her car on her hour lunch break from work.


9. Kourtney Kardashian

We all know the Kardashian crew from their hugely popular show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. And if you follow the show, then you know that Kourtney Kardashian and her baby daddy, Scott Disick are pumping out children like they need to repopulate the world after the apocalypse. But, during her pregnancies, Kourtney doesn’t like to use deodorant. She claims that it’s not good for women that are breastfeeding.

The reality star refused to wear deodorant while breastfeeding Penelope on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. A direct quote from her baby daddy Scott Disick, “She reeks,”.

10. Matthew McConaughey

Paramount Studios Presentation - Comic-Con International 2014


There’s nothing worse than someone who knows that they smell and thinks that it’s sexy. And that sounds a lot like Matthew McConaughey. He doesn’t like to wear deodorant and apparently hasn’t worn any for over 20 years. Seriously, 20 years? That’s crazy. But, when his famous co-star asked or begged him to swipe some on his underarms, he refused. He claims that women don’t mind his natural scent.

11. Snooki



This rumor right here was hard to believe. But, it’s not longer a rumor after the celeb admits it. So, here it is… You all know Snooki from her hot mess days of being on The Jersey Shore. And now with all the personal life upgrades, Snooki can’t seem to stop doing ratchet stuff. Instead of going to the spa and getting a facial treatment, Snooki will use cat litter to rub on her face. #Never

12. Bradley Cooper



Dear sexy actors of Hollywood specifically Bradley Cooper,
What makes you think that not wearing deodorant is sexy? I get that Hollywood has the ability to change someone into a total eco-friendly person that starts caring about what they eat and everything. But, there are deodorants that are organic and other methods that keep you fresh without the extra chemicals. Plus, they don’t make you smell all earthy and musky.


13. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz does something quite different when it comes to wearing clothes. She always seems to have on clothes with stained armpits. She will keep the same clothes for four days and just throw the clothes away. Nothing wrong with sweating, but Diaz is not a fan of the stains or wearing deodorant. Just like Matthew McConaughey, she hasn’t swiped her armpits with deodorant in almost 20 years.


14. Christina Aguilera

As a pop star that has toured around the world numerous times, Christina Aguilera has been around just about everybody. And she’s definitely got some people talking. Rumor has it that Aguilera carries a strong body odor, like the kind that reeks of smelly teenagers. Going as far to say that she smells like hot dogs. Hot dogs, really? This was all during her XTina phase and wanting to be Dirty…

Red Carpet - 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards


15. Anderson Cooper

As one of the sexiest silver foxes in all the world, Anderson Cooper has openly admitted to not regularly washing his jeans – and he wears his jeans everyday. Washing his jeans regularly to him means waiting every three months, walking in the shower with the jeans on, putting a little soap on them and air-drying them after. Can’t he afford to get a cleaning lady to wash his clothes, too?

Premiere Of Paramount Vantage's "Revolutionary Road" - Arrivals


16.Russell Crowe

It didn’t take much to get the late Joan Rivers to jump down your throat. Too bad for Russell Crowe she went on the attack when she learned out his wicked body odor. She would tell jokes about not wanting to sit on the side of him that the wind was blowing, this way she didn’t have to put up with his odor issues during their interviews. Ouch!