Shots To Aquire Mindy

Shots To Aquire Mindy
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Shots acquires Mindie – the Music App – to build its own Teen Video App Empire

Mindie is one of the popular video apps that teenagers love the most. They shoot and share videos using it. All the fun of teenagers was ended when Mindie was shut down in December. Teenagers are now left with another app called Vine to record short videos and share them with friends for fun and enjoyment. Though, Vine was there and is here to record short videos, teenagers love for Mindie was never ending. Understanding this true fact, Shots has acquired Mindie.

Shots is a selfie app, which is backed by Justin Bieber. So, now the love of Justin Bieber is for both Shots and Mindie.
Cost of Acquiring Mindie

Everyone who has heard the news of acquisitions of Mindie by Shots is curious to know the amount for which the deal has finalized. Unfortunately, the co-founder of Shots, namely John Shahidi, did not disclose the exact deal amount. He further added that the deal amount was not a great / crazy sum, but it is a great deal, as the team of Mindie was dispersed. One of the co-founders of Mindie also works with Vine now, so acquisition of Mindie by Shots is actually a re-birth to it.

What will happen with Mindie?

Soon, Mindie will be made available on both iOS and Android. It will now get a second chance to let its users shoot some video clips and merge them with a soundtrack to have a short but complete music track that is much more interesting than just an image or a plain video, as on Instagram and Facebook. Many top stars now may start shooting Mindie Videos. Some of these stars are Lele Pons, DeStorm Power, Logan, King Bach, Jake Paul, and Amanda Cerny. And, obviously Justin Bieber is there as an investor and promoter for Mindie, so hope for the best for Mindie with Shots.