Can the New HP Elite X3 Smartphone Finally Make HP a Viable Smartphone Player

Can the New HP Elite X3 Smartphone Finally Make HP a Viable Smartphone Player
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HP Elite x3 SmartPhone After conquering nearly half of the market with their desktops/laptops running on Windows OS, HP is now trying to drive their competitors crazy in the smart phone market as well with their new HP Elite x3 smartphone that is loaded with Windows 10 Mobile OS.

Start shipping in the summer of 2016, this phone has features that are embedded to fulfill the need of business customers.

– Snapdragon Processor: Loaded with a 2.15GHz quad-core Snapdragon 820 processor, it is one of the fastest smartphone in this range, provided with 4150 mAh battery for long-run. Making it easy to take pictures, do multi-tasking and provide lag-free video conferencing experience.

– Continuum: Giving it power to act like a traditional Windows PC, continuum is a feature that allows Windows smartphones to connect to a bigger external display. For providing a more portable experience HP has provided “HP desk-dock” device that comes embedded with HDMI, USB & Ethernet ports, letting users connect their mouse as well as keyboard for a truly PC-like experience.

– Memory: With 4GB of RAM and internal storage of 64GB, it gives better performance and storage space for all kind of multimedia data.

– Picture Quality: With 5.96-inch display that gives picture perfect quality on its QHD (2560×1440) AMOLED display, this phone lets users take photos and record videos using 16-MP rear camera and 8-MP front camera.

– Security: For protecting the data from a non-authenticated user, it comes with Fingerprint sensor and its unique Iris scanner, a feature that is not usually seen in the smartphones of this range.
What’s Unique:

Features that makes it unique:
– Iris Scanner – Providing user to unlock the phone and preventing an unknown user from gaining access to your data, a specialized biometric technology is used that recognizes a person’s iris which is essentially un-changed throughout one’s lifetime.

– Sold directly through business channels to companies- developed for business customers Elite x3 will not be available through wireless carriers.

– Support for additional storage- With a massive 2TB additional storage support Elite x3 has outrun other smartphones in this range.