Highest Paid Cricket Players

Highest Paid Cricket Players
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Cricket has a history that can be placed back to the 16th century. Early cricket had several names including stool-ball, club-ball, stob-ball, and trap-ball. Early proof of the game can be traced back to Prince Edward of England.

Virat Kohli

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Forward almost 6 centuries and the game is played on 6 continents and has made the elite players mega million dollar celebrities. Super celebrities like Mick Jagger, Russell Crowe, and High Jackman are well known for their love of Cricket.

Former Billionaire Sir Robert Allen Stanford created and funded the Stanford 20/20 tournament in Antigua. The tournment was held in the Antigua on Stanford property and had a total purse of $20.

With some help from Forbes, Yahoo.in , Celebritynetworth.com , tsmplug.com we compiled the list of highest paid cricket players in the world.