Google’s Fiber Division to Buy Webpass

Google’s Fiber Division to Buy Webpass
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Google Fiber puts other Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) on alert by announcing it’s intent to acquire broadband provider, Webpass for an undisclosed some. A privately held company, Webpass was founded in 2003 by internet entrepreneur and current President Charles Barr. Based in San Francisco the company is located in 5 key communication cities including San Diego, Boston, Chicago, Oakland, and Miami.

The Webpass business model is very transparent. The company provides both residential and commercial internet service however; the residential is mostly apartment complexes and condominium communities giving them several customers in very concentrated areas. On the commercial side the company boasts major clients including Zappos, Foursquare, WordPress, Mozilla, HBO Films, Oracle Racing, and Lyft.

Much like Google Fiber, Webpass using high capacity optic fibers to obtain tremendous speeds, ranging from 100 mbps to a whopping 1 Gig (1000 mbps). The acquisition helps Google Fiber establish relationships with large property owners and development companies which it will use to foster long term exclusivity deals with these developers. Deals of that nature typically give a company the rights to all forms of communications within the apartments, hotel, or condominium complex allowing for a high concentration of customers using Google service in a focused area.

“By joining forces, we can accelerate the deployment of super-fast internet connections for customers across the US,” wrote Webpass founder and president Charles Barr. “Webpass will remain focused on rapid deployment of high speed Internet connections for residential and commercial buildings, primarily using point to point wireless.”