John Kraskinski

10 Rich and Highly Educated Hollywood Stars

As if they sold their soles to the devil many celebrities enjoy the spoils of fame and fortune. This may seem unfair to many of us so when we reviewed how smart some of these actors/actresses actually are we couldn’t believe our eyes. Is the Universe playing a cruel joke. Is money and fame not enough? Many of our favorite celebs have attended some of the finest colleges in the country includ... »

15 People Who Lost Billionaire Status in 2014

15 People Who Lost Billionaire Status in 2014

There’s nothing like being banished from the list of the most wealthy people in the world. To go from being filthy rich to just rich can be a hard pill for some to swallow. But, when it comes to money, we know that these billionaires can gain millions or lose millions in a single day. Please don’t be surprised if some of these same ex-billionaires get welcomed back to being billionaires soon... »

15 Young Millionaires and How They Invest

15 Young Millionaires and How They Invest

Whenever we see someone win the lottery, it’s always fun to imagine – what did they would do with all this new money? Would they buy a house on a lake or the ocean? Or buy a brand new car? No, they probably blew it all playing poker and black jack at The Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Who knows. Well, these millionaires knew exactly they wanted to do with their money, INVEST! Whether they put the... »


Top Indian Restaurants In The USA

The People of India have a tremendous influence in the U.S.A. Indian influence in America is reflected in Television with actors like Kalpen Suresh Modi (star of ‘Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle’ and ‘Superman Returns’) and Mindy Kaling (star of television series ‘The Office’ and ‘The Mindy Project’). Politicians also have a strong influence i... »

Priyanka Chopra

15 Craziest Female Villains

We’ve reviewed movies from the past 30 years including, action, psycho thrillers, and comedies to come up with the illest, sickest, and baddest female movie villains of our generation. After very undisciplined research with broad stroke criteria, the team amassed 17 women that surpassed our expectations. Amazingly Brigitte Nielsen (former wife of Sylvester Stallone and former girlfriend of b... »

Kristen Stewart

10 Highest Paid Female Actresses

10. Kristen Stewart $12 million Kristen Jaymes Stewart is an American actress born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Stewart’s family is not foreign to Hollywood, her father is a television producers employed by Fox and her mother is a script supervisor and film director. Stewart got her first role in as Sam Jennings in 2001 independent film ‘The Safety of Objects’ alongside Glenn C... »

Carnegie Mellon University

The Most Expensive Colleges in America

With the steady rise in tuition college tuition rates over the past 30 years its easy to understand student loan dept. According to FinAid.org tuition rates double the rate of inflation and on average, tuition tends to increase about 8% per year. At an 8% college inflation rate means that the cost of college doubles every nine years, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics. CNN Money reports the av... »

Dubai Creek Golf Course

9 Most Exclusive Golf Courses in America

The word ‘exclusive’ speaks for itself not only in America but around the world. From all out capitalists to socialist republics like the former Soviet Union, class systems are virtually impossible to eliminate. Wealth WrapUp reviews how the upper 2% spends some of their riches in the ‘exclusive’ atmosphere known as the Country Club. These clubs include amenities such as in... »

Hinduja Brothers

India’s Richest

The country of India has 100 billionaires with a collective net worth of $175 billion. The list of billionaires has a variety of people some self-made and some inherited family businesses but all worked extremely smart to make their companies flourish. Virtually all of India’s wealthiest people and families have diversified their wealth into multiple businesses. Fast growing businesses like ... »

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma

Investors salivate over Alibaba IPO

Marketwatch reports, “Alibaba IPO seen sucking money out of Hong Kong stocks”. Reuters states, “Alibaba boosts IPO as demand strengthens”. The Wall Street Journal claims, “Alibaba IPO Is a Bonanza for Select Firms”. These headlines appear to be no exaggeration. On Monday Alibaba raised its IPO range to $66 – $68 per share reflecting the strong demand for t... »

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