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Walmart’s New Subscription Service Targets Amazon Prime Customers

The battle for online retail supremacy just intensified today as Walmart announces it will be launching an unlimited shipping service very similar to Amazon’s Prime shipping service but for only $50 a year. For those new to North America and/or electricity, Prime is a service from mega-online retailer Amazon that guarantees items will be delivered to your home in just 2 days (annual fee appr... »

Mobile Carriers Verizon and Sprint Agree to Pay $158 Million Settlement

Mobile Carriers Verizon and Sprint Agree to Pay $158 Million Settlement

Action against cell phone providers Verizon Wireless and Sprint will provide a combined $158 million in restitution for customers duped by the 2 mobile carriers for fraudulently billing customers for millions of dollars. On Monday May 12th the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) announced a settlement with Sprint and Verizon over a practice referred to as “cramming”. The FCC states ... »

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn

10 Top Athletes Going Out Sad

To become a professional it takes a lifetime of training and a lot of talent. To become an elite Hall of Fame Athlete, one must sacrifice, free time, relationships, and often times family for the glory of becoming a champion. No matter how much the pro athlete trains. No matter how well the athlete diets. No matter how smart the athlete, there is one thing that all athletes have to face and that&#... »

15 Celebrities Who Make Money Off the Marijuana Industry

15 Celebrities Who Make Money Off the Marijuana Industry

Not all celebrities invest their money into these techy startup companies that will find a way to get you even more connected to your phone or computers. And not all celebrities want to endorse alcohol, could be from the damage it’s already done to their insides or the crazy amount of money and time it takes to get clean in rehab. And rather than smoking cigarettes, some of our past and pres... »

Beverly Hills Mansion Fire

Making Money on the Worst Drought In California History

$2 Billion Dollars. It’s a large sum of money and that’s what the drought cost the state of California’s agriculture economy in 2014 according to California Department of Food and Agriculture Secretary Karen Ross. The University of California-Davis reports over 400,000 acres of California farmland will remain idle due to a lack of water and will cost farmworkers 14,500 jobs. The ... »

Eloln Musk

Tesla CEO Teases New Product Beyond Cars

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk set the Twitters-phere and the Nasdaq into a frenzy when he tweeted that Tesla would be introducing a new product that is not an automobile. Monday March 30th 2015 Tesla Shares rose 4% following the CEO’s Friday evening tweet, the equivalent of $1.3 Billion to the electric auto makers company’s market cap. Tesla’s stock is close to a 52 week low but sti... »

Lil Kim

15 of the Most Unfortunate Plastic Surgery Cases

Going under the knife for any reason is a big deal. Whether you are getting knee surgery or a breast augmentation, there is always that one percent that something could happen. But, that one percent would never happen to a celebrity right? They have the most money and access to the best doctors around, so what could happen? But, being in the spotlight makes celebrities more vulnerable to the publi... »

Marissa Meyer

15 Millionaires That Cashed In Online

The majority of people are on at least one social media page and are slightly addicted to it. There’s a middle area of people that are on multiple social media sites that they visit multiple times a day. And of course, there are the social media junkies that have their smart phone permanently fixed to the palm of their hands… all day long. There’s all sorts of social media junkies: the selfi... »

Pharrell Williams

15 Surprising Celebrity Business Investments

Everyone has something they are truly passionate about. Usually because they experienced something and didn’t get the full experience they wanted. Or it’s something they have kept close to their hearts for a long time. Most people will never have a chance to act on their passion outside of being a volunteer. But when you are a celebrity and have millions on top of millions of dollars, these dreams... »

Michael Jordan

15 Black Billionaires and How They Made Their Money

As most of us know, February is the celebration of Black History Month in the United States. We celebrate all the great and successful Black people from Martin Luther King, Jr. and his dream to George Washington Carver. We celebrate the service of the Tuskegee Airmen that fought in World War II and the service of Harriet Tubman for the missions she made to free the enslaved. And we also reflect on... »

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