10 IPO’s for 2014

1. GoPro This San Mateo, Ca based camera company has made a successful name for itself in the high-definition/action/dare devil cam sector that GoPro not only created but mastered. Founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman, the company started after Woodman returned from a 2002 surf trip to Indonesia in which he was hoping to capture quality action photos of his surfing. In February 2014 GoPro quietly filed... »

Trump Plaza

Atlantic City Casinos That Went Bust

In 1976 New Jersey voters passed a referendum approving casino gambling for Atlantic City, NJ. Within a 18 months the Chalfonte-Hadden Hall Hotel was converted into the towns first legal casino with more to soon follow. By the end of the 1980’s the city had become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Fast forward 25 years and the change is evident. The once amazing mu... »

Rebecca Gayheart

Attorneys Kept These 13 Stars Out of Prison

Hollywood has no shortage of celebs and where there are stars there is often trouble. From gang-bangers, to rock stars, to hall-of-fame athletes, to models these celebrities were all involved in incidents where someones life was taken. Thanks to very deep pockets and the top notch attorneys in Southern California these stars avoided very lengthy prison sentences. #13 Snoop Dogg Born Calvin Broadus... »

Madonna and Guy Ritchie

The 6 Most Expensive Divorces In Music History

Divorce can be painful. It can take an emotional toll on couples and the children alike but here at WealthWrapUp our focus is the toll divorce takes on your financial well being. Of the 30 most expensive divorces of all time 21 were celebrity divorces and 7 of them are musicians. 7. Mick Jagger divorce from Jerry Hall $20 million Years Married: 19 years Year of Divorce: 1999 Children: 4 Mick Jagge... »


10 Wealthiest Countries in the World

10. Kuwait Kuwait is an oil-rich arab country located southeast of Iraq and north of Saudi Arabia on the Persian Gulf. In 1716 the town of Kuwait (currently Kuwait City) was inhabited by fishermen and used as a fishing community. In 1937 large oil deposits were discovered by the Kuwait Oil Company at the time owned by US and British businessmen but in 1975 the country of Kuwait took ownership of t... »

12 Stars that are Poker Aces

12 Stars that are Poker Aces

Poker has come a long way the past 20 years. Historically poker has the reputation of being a game played in seedy backrooms by gangsters and cheats. HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” is a shining example (though shown at a historical slant) of guys like Arnold “The Brain” Rothstein and Enoch “Nucky” Johnson playing poker and even staging games to their advantage. ... »

Jerry Seinfeld

Highest Paid Comedians of 2013

Forbes has released the list of the top paid comedians of 2013. To the surprise of nobody Jerry Seinfeld tops the list with earnings of $32 million. While compiling the list of 2013’s top comics the authors agreed the primary source of income be from concert ticket sales but of course took all other income into account including merchandise, television deals and video sales. 7. Larry the Cab... »

Beyonce Jay-Z

The Top 8 Power-Couples In Music

From Sonny and Cher to Ike and Tina in America we love when famous artists start dating. Even the rumor of two artists dating can keep a dinner party going well past dessert. Record Companies and publicists discretely start the rumors but claim “no comment” when asked about a clients dating life. Agents and managers execute due diligence in making sure their clients meet one another in... »

Top 15 Wealthiest Doctors in the World!

Top 15 Wealthiest Doctors in the World!

A lot of people assume when students graduate from medical school they will secure a job as a doctor and immediately start making the big bucks. Unfortunately, doctors have to work very hard for many years in their field until they can pay off their student loans and debt and start earning a good salary. It also takes time for doctors to gain a solid reputation and become the most skilled doctor i... »

Cha Ching News Anchors Banking Millions

Cha Ching News Anchors Banking Millions

These news anchors are making more money than most of the executives at the companies they work for. Here is a top 12 list of the highest paid news anchors in 2013 according to Forbes, The NY Times and The Daily Beast. 12. Megyn Kelly $6 million #12 Megyn Kelly is new to the list having just inked a new contract grossing her $6 million annually. According to the NY Times, the long time host of Fox... »

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