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10 Rich and Highly Educated Hollywood Stars

As if they sold their soles to the devil many celebrities enjoy the spoils of fame and fortune. This may seem unfair to many of us so when we reviewed how smart some of these actors/actresses actually are we couldn’t believe our eyes. Is the Universe playing a cruel joke. Is money and fame not enough? Many of our favorite celebs have attended some of the finest colleges in the country includ... »

15 Youngest Billionaires and How They Made Their Money

15 Youngest Billionaires and How They Made Their Money

Once upon a time, having a million dollars was a big deal. Like a big, big deal. And before that having thousands of dollars was a big deal. Then came a world full of social media. And the opportunities that arose from these movements were flourishing. If you were so lucky to be on the front end of this movement or any tech movement, then you were setting yourself up for astronomical financial gai... »

15 Celebrities Who Would Have Been Rich Without Being Famous

Most people have no idea what it would be like to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth. But, there are a surprise number of celebrities born into the life of the rich and super fabulous. Seems like this list grows with each new season of hit television shows and album release dates announced. Tori Spelling, Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, and Anderson Cooper are some of the names of the past a... »

15 Most Expensive Things Sold At Auctions

15 Most Expensive Things Sold At Auctions

There are some pretty crazy things that have been sold at auction and some of them might even surprise you. This is why we have compiled some of the most craziest things out there that were sold for a substantial amount at an auction. The ones that bid might be just as bad as the prices that these products were going for to begin with. Who would have thought that these things would even be sold, e... »

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15 Rich Stars That Tip Like Giants

Celebrities are known for a lot of things. Is tipping one of them? Many of the celebrities out there are known for their ability to not tip well at all. This is something that might come as a shock for those out there that thought their celebrity crush was a great person, only to find out that they are not. However, there are some celebs out there that should be praised for their gracious tipping ... »

15 Successful Celebrity Entrepreneurs

Celebrities are usually known for being in the movies, for singing or doing something for the big screen. However, some of the celebrities are out there and known for being some of the best entrepreneurs the world has ever seen. Here are 15 of them, and what they have accomplished in life to get this far. Sandra Bullock In addition to her roles on the big screen, she is also the owner of a restaur... »

The 15 Richest Moguls on Instragram

The 15 Richest Moguls on Instragram

Showing off your fame and fortune, generally you cannot keep it a secret if you’re on social media. Instagram is a great place that you can go to find some of the richest moguls out there. There are many of them that post from time to time, and you’re even able to learn a little bit behind their madness. James Goodnight Worth 7.2 billion, he owns 2/3 of one of the highest paying compan... »

Top 20 Highest Paid Women Celebrities

[fusion_text]Women do not get enough credit when it comes to putting themselves out there. Some of the women without the entertainment industry make a lot of money, and perhaps you didn’t even know what they were worth before. Now is your chance to find out more about them, and what they currently are worth. #20 Rihanna She has $90 million right now, and waiting to earn even more when she ge... »

Baller Status – 10 Celebs and Their Private Jet Escapades

Baller Status – 10 Celebs and Their Private Jet Escapades

When it comes to being a celebrity, you have just about everything at your finger tips. This means privately owned jets, so you do not have to ride with everyone else out there. When it comes to some of the biggest celebs, they have their own jets to fly around in, as well. Here are just some of them. Angelina Jolie When it comes to riding around in style, she has a small jet that is able to bring... »

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15 Craziest Female Villains

We’ve reviewed movies from the past 30 years including, action, psycho thrillers, and comedies to come up with the illest, sickest, and baddest female movie villains of our generation. After very undisciplined research with broad stroke criteria, the team amassed 17 women that surpassed our expectations. Amazingly Brigitte Nielsen (former wife of Sylvester Stallone and former girlfriend of b... »

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