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Kristen Stewart

10 Highest Paid Female Actresses

10. Kristen Stewart $12 million Kristen Jaymes Stewart is an American actress born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Stewart’s family is not foreign to Hollywood, her father is a television producers employed by Fox and her mother is a script supervisor and film director. Stewart got her first role in as Sam Jennings in 2001 independent film ‘The Safety of Objects’ alongside Glenn C... »

Carnegie Mellon University

The Most Expensive Colleges in America

With the steady rise in tuition college tuition rates over the past 30 years its easy to understand student loan dept. According to tuition rates double the rate of inflation and on average, tuition tends to increase about 8% per year. At an 8% college inflation rate means that the cost of college doubles every nine years, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics. CNN Money reports the av... »

Dubai Creek Golf Course

9 Most Exclusive Golf Courses in America

The word ‘exclusive’ speaks for itself not only in America but around the world. From all out capitalists to socialist republics like the former Soviet Union, class systems are virtually impossible to eliminate. Wealth WrapUp reviews how the upper 2% spends some of their riches in the ‘exclusive’ atmosphere known as the Country Club. These clubs include amenities such as in... »

Jennifer Lawrence

10 Celeb’s Leaked Photos

A second wave of nude celebrity images has reached the internet following the breach from just one month ago. The first leak in August spawned the launch of an FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) probe into the leaked photos of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Hillary Duff and Scarlet Johansson. Vanessa Hudges, Kim Kardashian,Gabrielle Union, Hayden, Panettiere, and Hope Solo are ... »

Fast Furious 6

12 Highest Grossing Movies 2013

12. “World War Z”: $540 million ‘World War Z’ is an American apocalyptic flick staring Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner, and ames Badge Dale. The world faces an outbreak that turns humans in to zombies once they’ve been bitten by a zombie. The film is based on the 2006 horror novel ‘World War Z’ by Max Brooks. Notable Salaries: Brad Pitt $14,000,000 Mireille Enos $... »

Naomi Watts

15 Rich, Young, and Hot Australians Conquer Hollywood

The International community seems to have a great fondness for everything Aussie. The amazing surf breaks on the Bellarine Peninsula and Queensland’s Gold Coast. The beautiful beaches that locals and tourists love like Cottesloe Beach in Perth or world renown spots like St. Kilda Beach near Melbourne; and we cannot forget the unique native wildlife including the koala, the cockatoo and even ... »

Virat Kohli

Highest Paid Cricket Players

Cricket has a history that can be placed back to the 16th century. Early cricket had several names including stool-ball, club-ball, stob-ball, and trap-ball. Early proof of the game can be traced back to Prince Edward of England. Forward almost 6 centuries and the game is played on 6 continents and has made the elite players mega million dollar celebrities. Super celebrities like Mick Jagger, Russ... »

Hinduja Brothers

India’s Richest

The country of India has 100 billionaires with a collective net worth of $175 billion. The list of billionaires has a variety of people some self-made and some inherited family businesses but all worked extremely smart to make their companies flourish. Virtually all of India’s wealthiest people and families have diversified their wealth into multiple businesses. Fast growing businesses like ... »


10 IPO’s for 2014

1. GoPro This San Mateo, Ca based camera company has made a successful name for itself in the high-definition/action/dare devil cam sector that GoPro not only created but mastered. Founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman, the company started after Woodman returned from a 2002 surf trip to Indonesia in which he was hoping to capture quality action photos of his surfing. In February 2014 GoPro quietly filed... »

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma

Investors salivate over Alibaba IPO

Marketwatch reports, “Alibaba IPO seen sucking money out of Hong Kong stocks”. Reuters states, “Alibaba boosts IPO as demand strengthens”. The Wall Street Journal claims, “Alibaba IPO Is a Bonanza for Select Firms”. These headlines appear to be no exaggeration. On Monday Alibaba raised its IPO range to $66 – $68 per share reflecting the strong demand for t... »

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