5 Electric Concept Cars Will Give Tesla Nightmares

5 Electric Concept Cars Will Give Tesla Nightmares
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Electric cars are fast becoming the most practical and high end sports car to be approved by car enthusiasts as they blend speed with pleasure. Here are some electric concept cars that are eco-friendly with mind blowing performance;

1. Dubuc Tomahawk



Dubuc SLC, a Canadian Kit Car manufacturing company has recently unleashed the Dubuc Tomahawk. It’s a supercar with a striking interior, a mid-engine kit and a light weight polymer body.

The Tomahawk comes with supercar like features such as doors that open at a 75 degree, ergonomically-designed cockpit, a dashboard, console seats, a see-Targa roof and a DOT –approved windshield. The kit, with an impressive 300 mile range is a force to reckon with and your pockets don’t have to leak for you to get it when it becomes unveiled in 2017. Just watch out for it!



Cost: $96,000 / €86,000 (source: Digital Trends)
Power: 800 Horsepower (estimated)
Torque: 1000 pound-feet
Range: 250 miles (402 kilometers)
Drivetrain: All-wheel drive
Length: 188 inches
Width: 80 inches

2. Rimac Concept One



Best Buy Co, Inc.

This Croatian electric car has an ultra high-performance carbon fiber body with a 200mph on tap and an all wheel torque vectoring (AWTV).

The Rimac Concept One packs a 1,088 horsepower at each wheel and has been in existence since 2011 (although, the manufacturing company has only made and sold 8 of them in the first World Edition Series). However, a serial production has started in 2013 with a goal of making 88 of its type available. The Concept One is beyond doubt a very sophisticated model as some of its parts are even being sold to other car makers.

Cost: $980,000 / €878,000
Power: 1088 horsepower
Range: 310 miles (500 km)

3. Technicar Lavinia



This Italian 800 HP electric supercar is in the early stages of prototype development and is envisaged to compete with the likes of LaFerrari in the growing market of electric vehicles in Europe.

It is being built for a 3.5 second sprint from 0-60 mph and a driving range of 180 miles via unspecified battery chemistry. The 3D rendering of this Sicilian Lavinia reveals it as a race inspired design characterized by a lightweight composite body, large air dams, bulged wheel arches and center-locking alloy wheels.

As soon as it makes its debut, it would surely enhance the driving experience.

Cost: $120,000 / €107,500
Horsepower: 800 Horsepower
Range: 180 Miles (289 kilometers)

4. Quant F



This is a Liechtenstein electric super car that’s more practical as it can accommodate up to four people. It draws energy from a double tank of differently ionized liquids (that stores energy at greater density than the conventional batteries) and powers the electric motor system to a speed of 300kmh.

The critical operation of the Quant F is based on its flow cell batteries (nanoFlowcell AG). It’s a low voltage car, has a mass market concept and is quite affordable. This fancy car however has a downside with refueling as you can’t refill anywhere outside the Liechtenstein HQ of nanoFlowcell.

Cost: $1,000,000 / €899,000
Power: 1075 horsepower
Range: 500 miles (804 kilometers)

5. Renovo Coupe



This electrically classy car with insane stats keeps getting an upgrade with newer models – from the Tesla Model S to the P85D model – the fastest accelerating “four-door” car ever to be produced.

The neck-snapping performance of the Tesla is noteworthy and the newest model of the Renovo Coupe based on the Cobra Daytona is simply exclusive with its dynamics.

The Coupe which is known for its light weight, wide power band and high heat tolerance creates a novel driving experience. It is dubbed as the first American all-electric supercar. The Renovo Coupe surely deserves praise when it comes to architecture.

Cost: $529,000 / €474,000
Power: 500 horsepower
Range: 500 miles (804 kilometers)

The above electrically modeled cars have come to rule the automotive industry and their ideal mechanics would surely redefine your concept of transportation/mobility.