15 of the Most Unfortunate Plastic Surgery Cases

15 of the Most Unfortunate Plastic Surgery Cases
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Going under the knife for any reason is a big deal. Whether you are getting knee surgery or a breast augmentation, there is always that one percent that something could happen. But, that one percent would never happen to a celebrity right? They have the most money and access to the best doctors around, so what could happen? But, being in the spotlight makes celebrities more vulnerable to the public eye than the average person. And sometimes these celebrities can overdo it and want to keep sculpting themselves into their most perfect self – which sometimes… doesn’t exist.

Here are 15 of the most Unfortunate Plastic Surgery Cases.



Mama Elsa Patton
Procedures: Lips, brow lift, eyelid lift, facelift, fillers

We know Mama Elsa from Miami version of the Bravo tv spin-offs of The Real Housewives show. She not on every episode of the show, but when she is she makes quite an impact. Patton was once addicted to surgery and getting freshened up, until the doctor ruined her face. She attempted to go back and get her ruined face, reconstructed, but eventually settled for what had been done.



Heidi Montag
Procedures: Breast enlargement, nose, chin reduction, brow lift, ears pinned, back scooped
out, fat injections, lipo on thighs

Hindsight is always 20/20. If someone had told Heidi Montag that she would absolutely hate her 10 procedures that she was about to have done, she probably wouldn’t have listened to you anyway. The reality tv star went to the doctor, who circled all her problem areas just like on Nip/Tuck and Montag listened to everything he said.



Lil’ Kim
Procedures: …none…

When Lil’ Kim reemerged on the scene, many thought she looked unrecognizable. And Lil’ Kim still claims that she didn’t have any work done to her body. Really? Cause it looks like she went to the same surgeon that did Janet, Michael and LaToya Jacksons nose. Not to mention her cheeks look a bit fuller and her chin looks like it’s been shaved down. But, maybe she didn’t have anything done…



Donatella Versace
Procedures: Botox

While Donatella Versace has only admitted to getting Botox injections, there is definitely room for speculation as her nose looks a little more sculpted, lips appear plumper, breast augmentation, with the possibility of a face and neck lift on several occasions. It’s hard to believe that she’s been reportedly changing her appearance since the ‘90s. Nothing wrong with a little nip and tuck, but your business is your business. No judgments.



Janice Dickinson
Procedures: Tummy tuck, face and neck lift, Botox, breast augmentation, lipo, lip injections,

fillers, nose, brow lift
Janice Dickinson has no problem admitting that she has gone under the knife on several occasions. After spending the greater part of her career in front of the camera, she’s always ready for a little nip here or a tuck there. She’s definitely a plastic surgery junkie and not seeking help for her sickness after having spent over $100,000 for her cosmetic procedures.



Axl Rose
Procedures: Face lift, fillers, Botox, nose

In 2002, Axl Rose took the stage to a pretty empty house in Los Angeles. His face was puffy and he not the young, handsome, chiseled face Rose we once knew. He attempted a series of procedures to enhance is look and keep him looking fresh and youthful. The Botox left his eyebrows quite puffy and the fillers took away from the killer chiseled jaw line.



Mickey Rourke
Procedures: 5 nose jobs, cheekbone reconstruction

After years of boxing and drunken nights, Mickey Rourke went to a plastic surgeon to help put his face back together. And after a few horribly failed attempts, Rourke finally found a doctor that got it right. At one point in time, he was a Hollywood heartthrob with his smoldering stare and smirk. Along with shedding a few pounds, Rourke feels like himself again.



Bruce Jenner
Procedures: Partial face lift, nose

The former Olympic athlete and stepfather to all the Kardashians, Bruce Jenner has surgery around the same time that Michael Jackson had his plastic surgery. And the media had a field day on the both of them. I understand what the media was going off about, these are two of the biggest American celebrities and they have just changed themselves. What will that say to our kids? Valid point, but people are free to do and be whoever they please.



Peter Burns
Procedures: Multiple lip injections, nose, cheek implants

Peter Burns is on the list of celebrities that are addicted to plastic surgery. He’s also been quoted using redecorating a house in comparison to getting plastic surgery. He does not see the difference between changing his face and someone who buys a piece furniture every couple years. While the comparison makes complete sense, sometimes it’s just good to stop decorating – houses and faces.



Barry Manilow
Procedures: Multiple facelifts, eyelid lift, Botox, nose
What’s up with celebrities not admitting to having all these surgeries? Add Barry Manilow to the group of the, I haven’t had plastic surgery column. Barry… are you kidding me? While your one of the most talented singers of all time – throughout all the universes, we don’t need captain obvious to tell us that something is up with your face. What’s wrong with owning it?



Nikki Cox
Procedures: lip injections, cheeks, Botox

Nikki Cox was definitely a ‘90s tv sitcom favorite, starring on the popular shows Unhappily Ever After and later the hit casino show, Las Vegas. The tall, funny, super gorgeous, curvy, red head thought she needed to change something about herself? Definitely, didn’t need to do the lips, girl. The Botox wasn’t necessary either. There was nothing wrong with anything she had going on.



LaToya Jackson
Procedures: Chin and cheek implants, nose, breast augmentation

What was wrong with the Jacksons’? It’s sad that Michael, Janet, and LaToya felt the need to get their noses done. Sad that they weren’t pleased with their round noses and got them sharpened and made very pointy – like the peak of a mountain between two scoops of ice cream. But, hey – if you think something is broke, you’re probably going to fix it, right?



Carrot Top
Procedures: Face lift, skin treatments, steroids

Some blogs have been rudely saying that Carrot Top looks more and more like a cartoon character. Which is rude regardless if he’s had surgery or not. And his exquisitely toned physique has been questioned as being from steroid use, while he claims he just works out. While he denies all claims of laser skin treatments, steroids, and plastic surgery – it still appears he’s been under the knife a time or two.



Daryl Hannah
Procedures: Lips, cheeks, face lift, Botox

Ok, Daryl Hannah let’s be serious, just about everyone in LA has tried Botox – which is probably why her brow line looks a bit fuller and cheeks look a bit fuller from a little filler. There’s nothing wrong with proclaiming that you have had work done because of whatever reason. Even though you were perfectly fine without everything that you did (or didn’t) have done.


Joan Rivers
Procedures: Multiple facelifts, eye lifts, nose job, cheek implants, breast augmentation, jaw implant, Botox, fillers

It would be a shame to mention going under the knife and not mention the late Joan Rivers. Surgery was not only an addiction it was a way of life for Rivers. There are not many people that will ever have as many procedures as she had. She even joked about having 700 procedures, which wasn’t true but with the many faces we’ve seen from her probably still thought it was true.