15 Top Billionaire Daughters in India

15 Top Billionaire Daughters in India
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It’s always fascinating to learn about the billionaire’s of the world, but it’s even more interesting to learn about the heirs and heiresses that will soon be taking their places. These billionaire heiresses come from families that specialize in a wide range of business activities. From pharmaceuticals and construction to tech and software companies to retail and real estate geniuses. Some of these heiresses are at the point where they are running the family business, as others are just leaving their Ivy League schools and starting to get their feet wet in the business. Here’s 15 Top Billionaire Daughters in India.



Nisa Godrej

Not many people can say that their family has a net worth over $5 billion or be able to manage over 20,000 employees like Nisa Godrej does at Godrej Group, the family business built from the ground up. Her title is President of Human Capital and Innovation within the company that specializes in soap, toiletries, hair care products, etc. She’s been well prepared to guide the company, as she’s received her MBA from Harvard.



Tanya Dubhash

As the eldest daugher of Adi Godrej, Tanya Dubhash and Nisa are billionaire sisters that both keep their family business afloat. Tanya is the Executive Director and Chief Brand Officer of the Godrej Group. She’s also on the board of many companies, including being Chairperson of Godrej Nature’s Basket and a Trustee of her alma mater, Brown University. The heiress also received her MBA from Harvard, just like Nisa.



Isheta Salgaocar

Isheta Salgaocar is the daughter of Raj Salgaocar, the xyz. Isheta had a chance to attend two prestigious universities, Stanford University where she earned a degree in Political Science, and a graduate degree in Journalism from Columbia University. She’s been named the editor-at-large for Huffington Post India. Before taking the position with Huffington Post, Isheta had the opportunity to work with Charlie Rose on his Award-winning nightly broadcast.



Vinita Gupta

Vinita Gupta is another Indian woman who believes it’s important to empower young women. Gupta is a graduate of UCLA with a degree in Electrical Engineerig. As the daughter of a major pharmaceutical businessman, Desh Bandhu Gupta, Vinita had a chance to be empowered by watching her father’s pharmaceutical company, Lupin Ltd flourish into a billion dollar company. Vinita’s known for being the first Indian woman to have her company go public in the US.



Roshni Nadar

As the daughter of Shiv Nadar, an Indian billionaire, Roshni Nadar did something not many 28-year-olds have ever done – she became the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Officer of a $5 billion tech company called HCL Group. She attended Northwestern University with a degree in Tv, radio, and film, and then graduated with an MBA from Kellogg. She’s also a trustee with the Shiv Nadar Foundation that runs a college of engineering.



Ashni Biyani

Ashni Biyani is the daughter of Kishore Biyani, the Founder and CEO of Future Group. Ashni has had the opportunity to attend two major universities, Parsons School of Design in NYC, where she studied Design Management and participated in a business program at Stanford. She has the unique opportunity to work with Anthropologist, Mythologists, and Sociologists in the Innovation and Incubation Division of Future Group. And she’s the first woman to join the family business.



Pia Singh

When it comes to real estate magnates, look no further than the Singh family. Pia Singh is the daughter of KP Singh and holds a $400 million stake in her family business. But, Pia is more than just into real estate, she’s also a Wharton graduate with interests in entertainment and filmmaking. She heads DLF entertainment, DT Cinema and the Managing Director of one of their retail businesses.



Akshata Murthy

Like a few of the other daughters on the list, Akshata Murthy had the opportunity to attend one of the prestigious Ivy League universities. The daughter of Narayan Murthy attended Stanford University, which is where met her future husband, Rishi Sunak, a Senior Associate at Siderian. And Akshata has a 1.4% stake in the family business, Inosys, an incredible successful IT company that her father is the co-founder of.



Vanisha Mittal Bhatia

Vanisha Mittal is not on the daughter of a Lakshmi Mittal, a steel tycoon, but she’s also married to Amit Bhatia, an investment banker with his own fortune. On top of being married, she has her Master’s Degree in South Asian Studies and has the opportunity to sit on the board of their family business, Mittal Steel, for a few years. Oh, and the family company is only worth $51 billion.



Aloo Mistry

A huge business bond was created when Aloo Mistry and Noel Tata wed. Aloo is the daughter of Pallonji Mistry, the largest single shareholder in Tata Sons and a construction tycoon and her husband Noel is the Chairman of Trent Ltd, plus the Managing Director of Tata International. And her brother, Cyrus Mistry became the Chairman of Tata Group, even thought Noel thought that he would succeed his half-brother Ratan Tata as the Chairman.


Smiti Ruia

Smiti Ruia has the unique experience of being the daughter of one of India’s flamboyant billionaire brother, Ravi Ruia. He’s the Chairman of Essar Group with his brother, Shashi Ruia. She went to New York University’s, Stern School of Business earning a Bachelor’s in Finance and Marketing, plus a graduate degree in Publishing from London College of Printing. The heiress worked in many parts of the business world, before founding Paprika Media, a publishing company.



Ananyashree Birla

As the daughter of Kumar Birla, the commodities specialist, Ananyshree Birla has money to blow. Her father is involved with one of the richest conglomerates in India and the family has an estimated net worth over $7.5 billion. But, her family is serious about their studies and she decided to study at Oxford University. Ananyashree is also passionate about assisting and empowering women, especially those who need help starting their own business.

Nandini Piramal--621x414


Nandini Piramal

Nandini Piramal comes from a family of pharmaceutical and innovative geniuses, led by her father, Ajay Piramal. The heiress runs the OTC Drug Division of their family business, Piramal Healthcare. She also works with their foundation, The Piramal Foundation. They have been able to provide clean drinking water to areas that would not have access. They have the Water ATM, just like a cash ATM, but it dispenses water.



Nisha Jagtiani

As the daughter of Micky Jagtiani, the billionaire owner and retail guru of Landmark retail stores, Nisha Jagtiani started from the bottom of the company and worked her way up. The family company has almost 2,000 stores that create more than $6 billion annually. In 2009, she started ICONIC with Raza Beig, one of the most trendy fashion spots, after working for Splash, a fashion line of the companies.



Isha Ambani

This girl takes the throne as daughter of the richest man in India, Mukesh Ambani. Isha Ambani has been ranked on many lists, including being ranked on Forbes list of Top Ten Billionaire Hairesses. She also attended an Ivy League school and graduated from Yale University. Their family lives in a $1 billion, 27-storey building named the Antilia Building in Mumbai, one of the most expensive residence