15 Ridiculous Purchases Rappers Have Ever Bought!

15 Ridiculous Purchases Rappers Have Ever Bought!
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Now we all know about celebrities and their crazy spending habits. Mike Tyson is always the butt of the joke, when it comes to talking about blowing money on ridiculousness. And you can’t leave out all the famous athletes that are now broke from the mismanagement of their enormous bank accounts. Even more, we know about artists, specifically rappers and their need to buy the craziest things they can find. We already expect them to buy the house, cars, and chains… but just not on the level we’re going to chat to about. Here are the 15 Most Ridiculous Purchases Rappers Ever Bought.



Ghostface Killah
Gold chains

Ghostface Killah has been around the music game since the early 90s. And even way back then, he didn’t play by other people’s rules. He loved to wear big huge gold chains, but he made his chains differently by putting a huge gold plated medallion that had the Versace logo on it and let that dangled at the bottom of the chain. And don’t forget his arm cuff with the gigantic eagle.



Big Boi
$50,000 shoes

Back in 2007, Big Boi from the historic group Outkast loves his shoes. Big Boi had a chance to unveil his Nike Air Force 1 sneakers that have been valued at $50,000. The shoes are diamond encrusted with 11 carats of chocolate colored diamonds along the swoosh logo of the shoe and available to be purchased. These sneakers have been ranked amongst some of the most expensive in the world.



Just Blaze
Diamond Coated PlayStation Controller

For those of you who have no idea who Just Blaze is, he’s a producer that’s done a lot of work with Jay-Z back on The Blueprint and The Black Albums. So, yeah… he’s pretty legit. But, this purchase is definitely one of the stupidest purchases to see in a long time. This could be because this version of his handheld controller is obsolete already. Smooth Move.



Kid Cudi
Back To The Future Part 2 Shoes

Kid Cudi made some major noise as he emerged on the music scene with his debut single, Day n NIte. But, Kid Cudi must have really felt some sort of way about the movie Back to the Future, because he bought four pair of these shoes. These shoes are made by Nike and have the futuristic feel to them – with eye bubbles that have neon glowing from them.



Slick Rick
The Most

Where do you start when someone is just so much of a hot mess that you don’t know where to begin – which is sad because Slick Rick is one of the greatest MCs ever! And he’s been referenced in so many artist songs like Big Sean, Keri HIlson, and the late Amy Winehouse. Obviously, he’s influenced people’s music and very unique sense of style with his many, many big bulky gold chains.




Tyga went to great lengths to be creative when he decided to add a tomb to his new clothing store, Last Kings on Melrose Ave. Most people probably thought he was out of his mind and so creative, while others just hoped that his barely legal girlfriend or his baby mama never go missing – cause it’s a wrap for them. Honestly, I’m just glad that it’s not in his house!



Experience Shower

It’s all starting to make so much sense. We all witnessed Drake and Meek Mills social media beef, where Drake slayed Meek with his multiple diss tracks, especially Back to Back. And after a long day of putting Meek in his place, Drake goes home to his Experience Show – a large shower with tons of gadgets and gizmos, including color changing LED lights and a scent dispenser.



Mink Rolls Royce

While some people might be worried about how Nelly could afford anything uber expensive, especially since he hasn’t made too many hit songs over the past few years – people forget that Nelly is a businessman. But, anyway the reality tv star made a crazy purchase and bought himself a Rolls Royce with mink interior. Definitely didn’t think Nelly would take it this far! Whatever, live your life.



Lil Kim
Plastic Surgery

This is a very sad story of what happens when people become addicted to plastic surgery. Lil Kim spent a lot of money to fix just about everything, getting breast implants, a nose job, lip injections, liposuction, plus many more surgical procedures. The saddest part is that she was never able to afford to get any of the surgeries fixed at that time, especially after she filed bankruptcy.



The Game
$100,000 toy car

Most kids spent their childhoods playing outside with toy cars, like Hot Wheels and crashed them into each other. Well, when The Game’s son expressed to his dad how much he wanted to have a car like him in the future – The Game decided to make it happen for him now. The father went to his jeweler and had 150 carats put on his son’s remote control car.



Lil Wayne
$200,000 Diamond Teeth

Lil Wayne has been in the public eye for quite some time and he’s only gotten more extreme. And we all know that Wayne can’t turn down a tattoo or an attempt to do something to his teeth. He has been into experimenting with different grills, but this time he decided to spend a couple hundred dollars to get diamonds on his teeth. No big, right?



Kanye West
$350,000 Recreation of Sistine Chapel

Kanye West is easily one of the most entertaining rappers out here right now, but Yeezeus has an ego the size of the universe. But, what Kanye wants, Kanye will stop a nothing to get. So, when he had the ideal to recreate the Sistine Chapel, there was no amount of money that was going to stop Yeezy from getting this painting. Oh, but in this version, he stands in the center as God.



$410,000 chain

Not quite sure if T-Pain truly thought this purchase through. But, apparently he thought it was a good idea to not only get a chain that said, Big Ass Chain, but to also take a selfie and show the world how well he spends his money. As someone who has a lot of college loans, I couldn’t imagine spending more than $100 on something like this. We all make mistakes.



Lil John
$500,000 Crunk Ain’t Dead chain

One of the most memorable rappers of our generation has been Lil John. He’s got tons of hits that would still make you turn around and shake your rump. But, Lil John is also known for his love of huge chains. One of his chains has caused a stir because of how over the top it is. The Crunk Ain’t Dead chain weights 2.3 kilos and has over 3700 individually placed band.



MC Hammer
$30 Million floors

When MC Hammer would jump up on the stage, wearing the most ridiculous outfit that aka hammer pants and dance like nobody was watching. Hammer always put on quite a show. And his story definitely took a turn for the worse as he eventually filing bankruptcy. But, sometime before he lost it all, he decided it was a good idea to get his kitchen floors redone… in marble.