15 Millionaires That Cashed In Online

15 Millionaires That Cashed In Online
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The majority of people are on at least one social media page and are slightly addicted to it. There’s a middle area of people that are on multiple social media sites that they visit multiple times a day. And of course, there are the social media junkies that have their smart phone permanently fixed to the palm of their hands… all day long. There’s all sorts of social media junkies: the selfie obsessed Instagram junkie, the oversharer posting their every life event on Facebook junkie, and the binge watching YouTube junkie – to name a few.

And behind our social media obsession is a person who had an idea. Here are 15 Millionaires that Cashed In Online.



Julia Hartz – Eventbrite

Julia Hartz is the co-founder and President of Eventbrite.com, an online tool that people can use to invite others to their events and sell tickets. The Pepperdine graduate was prepping for a career in television development, when she created Eventbrite. Luck would have it that her husband and co-founder, Kevin Hartz has a background in online payments and money transfers with PayPal and Zoom, making them the perfect pair to start Eventbrite.



Wayne Chang – Twitter

As General Manager of Twitter, Wayne Chang is an American tech entrepreneur that has a net worth over $200 million. Chang created i2hub in 2003, while at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst, but was pressured to stop operating, since it was the same idea as Facebook. He has worked for many startups including Napster, Dropbox, Tribes 2, Instant Profiler, Dorm2Dorm, and MyAdvantage. He also co-founded Crashlytics, which was acquired by Twitter in 2013.



Ricky Van Veen – CollegeHumor.com

Ricky Van Veen is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of CollegeHumor.com, the popular website filled with daily comedic videos, images, and featured articles. He co-founded the website with Josh Abramson in 1999. He is the CEO of Notional, a production company that produced the Food Network show Chopped.

Van Veen is also one of the principal owners and founders of Connected Ventures. This company is an umbrella to CollegeHumor, Busted Tees, and Vimeo.



Mike Krieger – Instagram

Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom are the co-founders of the popular social networking service Instagram. Krieger met Systrom while they were attending Stanford University and founded Instagram in 2010. With Instagram users can take photos and videos, and share them on some of the other popular social network sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Flickr. This social network site is very popular among celebrities including Drew Barrymore, Ashton Kutcher, Olivia Wilde, and Beyonce.




Caroline Ghosn and Amanda Pouchot, Levo (formerly Levo League)

Amanda Pouchot and Caroline Ghosn met each other while working for a management consulting firm in New York called McKinsey & Company. They regularly had conversations, deliberating about how they felt about the limited opportunities for women. They watched as the men would serve as mentors to each other and how the women lacked women in the same area to mentor to them. So, they founded Levo (formerly Levo League), a website that gives users opportunities to connect and get advice, seek out a mentor, or seek career opportunities.

YouTube co-founder Hurley arrives at the US-Ireland Alliance pre-Academy Awards event in Santa Monica, California


Chad Hurley – YouTube

As one of the co-founders and former Chief Executive Officer of YouTube, Chad Hurley and business partner Steve Chen sold the trendy video sharing website to Google for $1.65 billion. Hurley met Chen while working for PayPal – where Hurley designed one of the first logos for the company. The duo went on to launch a video editing mobile platform called MixBit. Hurley has an estimated net worth over $355 million.

Jonah Peretti – BuzzFeed, Huffington Post

Jonah Peretti


Jonah Peretti is known for his viral marketing knowledge. He learned a lot about his viral capabilities as a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab. Peretti is known in the tech community for being the founder of Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and the creator of Reblog. Once The Huffington Post was sold to AOL, Peretti left and started working for BuzzFeed full-time. His sister is stand-up comedian Chelsea Peretti.



Sheryl Sandberg – Facebook

As the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg was the first woman to serve on the board for the company. She has an impressive resume with a MBA from Harvard Business School, previously being a Vice President at Google (Global Online Sales and Operations), and previously working for the United States Secretary of Treasury. Sandberg also previously worked at McKinsey & Company in New York City, same company as Ghosn and Pouchot of Levo previously did.



Markus Frind – Plentyoffish.com

Markus Frind is the found and Chief Executive Officer of Plentyoffish.com, the trendy online dating site. The free site is offered in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, and Austrailia. There are premium services available for the site that gives a time stamp to users, as to the date and time that someone else viewed their profile. More than 70% of the users are logging in from mobile devices.



David Karp – Tumblr

David Karp is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tumblr, the social network blogging platform. In 2013, Karp and Marissa Mayer, President and CEO of Yahoo! came to an agreement for Yahoo! to acquire Tumblr for $1.1 billion and keep Karp as the CEO. When he started Tumblr, he didn’t tell people his age, since he dropped out of school to be homeschooled and never received his diploma.



Marissa Mayer – Yahoo!

After graduating with honors from Stanford University and Illinois Institute of Technology, Marissa Mayer began her career as the first female engineer for Google. In 2012, Mayer was became a board member, President and CEO of Yahoo! Since she started her new positions, she’s acquired Tumblr, the blooging platform for $1.1 billion, Summly, the story-summarizing app for $30 million, and patched up the way they utilize Flickr.



Naveen Selvadurai – Foursquare

Naveen Selvadurai is an American internet entrepreneur that got his start working for Lucent, Nokia, Sony, and Sun Microsystems. Selvadurai and Dennis Crowley met while working in the same building in New York City and launched Foursquare a few years later at South by Southwest. Foursquare is the location based social networking site that allows users to check-in at different locations. With each check-in, the user can get awarded points and earn different reward levels.



Alan Schaaf – Imgur

Alan Schaaf was a junior at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio when he started developing Imgur, the popular online image hosting service. Reddit and Digg assisted Imgur’s ascend to popularity and overtaking other popular image hosts like ImageShack, TinyPic, and Photobucket. Reddit, a social news website has also given a financial contribution to Imgur. After graduating from Ohio University, Schaaf moved to San Francisco and began working for himself full-time.



Angie Hicks – Angie’s List

Columbus, Ohio native Angie Hicks is the co-founder of Angie’s list with William S. Oesterle. The idea originated when Hicks was looking for a construction contractor in her city and having trouble finding a quality contractor. The list is a way for homeowners to find quality, local workers that focus on areas like lawn, auto, home repairs, and health care providers. Hicks has been featured on the Today Show, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.



Jan Koum – WhatsApp

Jan Koum and Brian Acton are the founders of the popular mobile messaging app called WhatsApp. The app was later acquired for $19 billion by Facebook early in 2014. Koum also worked at Ernst & Young and Yahoo! for 9 years before he quit his job, traveled around South America, and created the free mobile messaging app. He’s now listed on Forbes list of richest Americans, carrying a net worth over $6.9 billion.