15 Celebs Who Have Siblings That Are ALMOST Famous!

15 Celebs Who Have Siblings That Are ALMOST Famous!
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The world of entertainment has always had its share of famous siblings. Donnie and Marie Osmond. Michael and Janet Jackson. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Maggie and Jake Gyllenghal. Well, not all siblings are able to gain the same recognition that their famous sibling gained. Some siblings are able to make it to the top at the same time, but others have to fight in the shadows just to get a small role. But, luckily these siblings on this list have definitely been doing some fighting, but they just aren’t that famous yet. Here’s 15 Celebs Who Have Siblings That Are ALMOST Famous.



Joshua Alba
Sibling: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has been around the entertainment industry for quite a long time. You know her from movies like Good Luck Chuck, Fantastic Four and her hit tv series, Dark Angel. And don’t forget she’s a businesswoman with a billion-dollar company, The Honest Company. Well, she has a brother, Joshua that we’ve probably seen on some of our favorite shows like CSI and an episode of Dark Angel.



Michael Patrick (Rooster) McConaughey
Sibling: Matthew McConaughey

Who else had no idea that Matthew McConaughey had a brother? Oh, and his brother Michael goes by the nickname Rooster. And while Matthew has been tearing up the big screen, landing huge role after huge role in Interstellar, The Wolf of Wall Street, Dallas Buyers Club, and his new hit crime tv series True Detective. Rooster had the opportunity to be in the film, The Newton Boys with his brother.



Eric Lively
Sibling: Blake Lively

Spotted: Serena Van der Woodsen aka Blake Lively and her older lesser-known brother Eric Lively. Blake was fortunate to land one of the starring roles in the hit tv series Gossip Girl. But, she could have easily been the lesser-known sibling, as it was Eric who was the initial actor. He was supportive of her while pursuing acting. No worries, Eric has still been able to find some success.



Brent McLaren
Sibling: Brandon Jay McLaren

Brandon Jay McLaren has been in our lives since she starred on the Power Rangers, as Jack Landors, the Red Power Ranger. Now he’s on the USA hit tv series, Graceland as Dale Jakes, a ICE Agent. But, little did we know that Brandon has a brother, Brent that a talented actor and musician. Brent is gaining attention, with roles on Arrow, Continuum, and the hot and spicy film, 50 Shades of Grey.



Neil Connery
Sibling: Sean Connery

It’s amazing that Sean Connery was able to act for almost 60 years, longer than many people get to live. He was able to play some of the most iconic and epic roles ever, including James Bond and having a role in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and The Rock. Good thing his younger bother Neil Connery has a good sense of humor and created OK Connery, a James Bond satire film.



Lizzy Pattinson
Sibling: Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson brought the sexy to the world of vampires in the hit series, Twilight. And his older sister Lizzy Pattinson is in the entertainment industry as well. She is a singer that has gotten through and been on a live episode of The X Factor. Simon Cowell even made a remark about how talented Lizzy was. But, that’s not the last we will see of Lizzy, she’s on the rise!



Justine Bateman
Sibling: Jason Bateman

If you are a fan of Arrested Development, then you already know Jason Bateman. He’s been cast in some pretty funny films, including Horrible Bosses, Couples Retreat and Identity Thief. And his sister, Justine shares the same acting abilities, as she was able to land a role on Arrested Development with her brother. Plus, she was able to land a recurring guest starring role on Desperate Housewives.



Don Swayze
Sibling: Patrick Swayze

There’s so much that can be said about the late Patrick Swayze. He was an awesome actor that could transform from a dancing machine in Dirty Dancing, to a supreme butt kicker in Road House, and back to a romantic male lead in Ghost. He could just about do it all. And his brother Don is pretty awesome as well. He’s recently guest starred as a werewolf on the HBO hit series, True Blood.



Chris Evans
Sibling: Scott Evans

How could you not know who Chris Evans is? He’s been in so many hit movies including Fantastic Four and The Avengers. And his just as sexy younger brother Scott, wants to make his way to the big leagues just like his brother. Scott has gained some experience being in Confessions of a Shopaholic and his biggest role yet has been a recurring role on One Life to Live.



Monica Cruz
Sibling: Penelope Cruz

Side by side you would almost swear that Penelope Cruz and her younger sister Monica were twins! Monica was even Penelope’s stand-in during a few scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean, since Penelope was pregnant. Penelope was able to gain recognition for her work in Vanilla Sky, Blow, and Nine. Monica has been able to make a mark on the Spanish tv sho Un Paso Adelante.

Solange Knowles


Solange Knowles
Sibling: Beyonce Knowles

Solange Knowles has no problem being the younger sister of Beyonce Knowles. Even though they are in their own lanes, Beyonce and Solange are in different lanes. Beyonce has become a music icon and even done some acting in a few hit movies. Well, Solange has done some of these same things. She hasn’t hit it quite as big as big sister, but that doesn’t stop her from working.



Alexis Arquette
Sibling: David Arquette

Alexis Arquette and Caitlyn Jenner share a few things in common: they come from well known families and they both transitioned from being a male to a female. Alexis was born Robert Arquette, brother of David Arquette. And we all know David from a long list of hit movies, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Scream, and Never Been Kissed. Alexis has also been in Pulp Fiction and Bride of Chucky.



Oliver Hudson
Sibling: Kate Hudson

We all recognize Kate Hudson from her scheming and planning in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. And we even recognize her almost famous brother, Oliver from his roles on Rules of Engagement and Nashville. Well, Kate is putting on her entrepreneurial hat and launching her own line of athletic wear, Fabletics and FL2. The Hudson siblings are working together on this new business venture.



Eric Roberts
Sibling: Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts has been killing the big screen since the late 80s, landing a role in Mystic Pizza, Steep Magnolias, and her breakout role in Pretty Woman. Plus, she’s been one of the highest-paid actresses in the world for the past three decades. But, Eric has been stepping his acting game up, big time. Between 2013 and 2015, he was able to act in over 150 films.



Noah Cyrus
Sibling: Miley Cyrus

Being any Cyrus is hard with your dad being Billy Ray. But, Miley was able to step out and make her own name on the hit Disney tv show, Hannah Montana. Now, her little sister, Noah has been gifted with the same vocal abilities as Miley. Noah’s gotten her acting feel wet on a few episodes of Hannah Montana, but she is making her own name in the world of fashion blogging.