15 Celebrities Who Make Money Off the Marijuana Industry

15 Celebrities Who Make Money Off the Marijuana Industry
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Not all celebrities invest their money into these techy startup companies that will find a way to get you even more connected to your phone or computers. And not all celebrities want to endorse alcohol, could be from the damage it’s already done to their insides or the crazy amount of money and time it takes to get clean in rehab. And rather than smoking cigarettes, some of our past and present favorite celebs were big fans of marijuana. With the legalization of marijuana a host of weed advocates – musicians, actors, entrepreneurs – are finally ready to invest in the cannabis industry.

Here are 15 Celebrities Who Make Money Off the Marijuana Industry.



Snoop Dogg

If Snoop Dogg was not at the top of your list, then you obviously don’t know anything about Snoop Dogg. The Long Beach native rapper usually isn’t one to shy away from a conversation about smoking marijuana. But, Snoop wanted to do something different with his herb experience. The Gin and Juice rapper partnered with Grenco Science, a company that specializes in vaporizers and created The Double G Series of vaporizer products.



Bob Marley

While Bob Marley was with us many decades ago, his hypnotic, hip swaying music that spoke of peace and love, filled homes with the same energy. Plus, he did not keep his relationship with marijuana a secret. And the large Marley family that he left behind, decided to cash in on the cannabis industry by finding Privateer Holdings, a venture capital firm and create a brand inspired by the legend, called Marley Natural.



Melissa Etheridge

Many of us probably remember the battle with breast cancer that Grammy award – winning, singer – songwriter Melissa Etheridge went through many years ago. Even then Etheridge was a vocal about reaping the benefits of medical marijuana. Now, she’s in it for the business and thos who don’t actually want to smoke the pot. Rather she is in process of creating a cannabis – infused wine, for the non – pot smoking marijuana fans.



Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson has made a name for himself, as an activist for the legalization of marijuana and hemp. He was even arrested in Kentucky for planting four hemp seeds. Harrelson did this act to challenge the lawmakers that they need to distinguish between marijuana and industrial hemp, claiming they are not the same things. Harrelson would know, being an owner of a hemp clothing line. He was later acquitted of his charges.




Many people thought that Tyga was only friends with Kylie Jenner for her family’s money, but little did they know that not only does Tyga have money, he’s making investments. He recently invested with Shine Papers a company that sells 24-karat gold rolling papers. He put in $5 million to the company based in Los Angeles and is looking to be on the business side of things as the Creative Director.




Redman has had quite the long career in the entertainment industry – making music, being in tv shows and making movies. Redman has become an advocate for legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana in both the medicinal and recreational form. He’s recently teamed with Caviar Gold, a cannabis company based in Los Angeles, that fortifies their buds and joints with keef and cannabis oil – which is great for those with high tolerances.

Cypress Hill Visits Fuse TV


Cypress Hill

B-Real from the hip-hop group, Cypress Hill has been busy working on his business ventures in the marijuana industry. He recently won a lottery to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Southern California’s Orange County. There were 630 applicants and the top 6 would be in the dispensary business. The group has been involved with the legalization movement for a long time. They also partnered with ROOR to create a reusable glass filter for smoking.



Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen has definitely been in his fair share of pot and stoner movies, as well. He recently invited fans to come and smoke pot with him inside the theater at the premiere of The Interview in Colorado. And it’s definitely no shocker that he’s smoked up with other celebs like Paul Rudd and Snoop Dogg. So, no he does not have his own fruit – infused marijuana on the way, but the stoners keep this guy on the big screens.



Heather Donahue

Unless you are clearly obsessed with The Blair Witch Project, then you probably have no idea who Heather Donahue is. When her acting career didn’t take off, Donahue did what any other person would do, get rid of everything and become a medical marijuana grower and became and an activist to legalize marijuana. But, she’s already retired from being a grower, after a friend was busted by the feds.



Tommy Chong

Might take younger generations a moment to realize who that Tommy Chong is part of the comedy duo, Cheech & Chong. And he’s been doing stoner films for quite a bit of time, but even did hard time in prison for selling bongs and pipes online. Now that he’s a free man, he’s created a clothing wipe to get rid of marijuana and tobacco smoke from clothing, called Tommy Chong’s Smoke Swipe.



Wiz Khalifa

It’s too easy to look online and find a picture of Wiz Khalifa smoking weed or blowing huge white clouds of smoke in the air. He’s even done an interview where he gives tips for smoking weed and wax. Definitely can’t say that he doesn’t have a passion for kush, hence why he’s created Khalifa Kush with a medical dispensary based out of San Francisco. His sponsorship will get him all of his weed for free.



Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith has been around marijuana for quite some time. Even though he claims that he didn’t actually start smoking it till 2008, when he was trying to quit his nicotine addiction to cigarettes. But the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back star was directing a horror film called Tusk and they were able to partner with a medical dispensary in the Los Angeles area, to create original cannabis strains for the characters Mr. Tusk and White Walrus.



Dick Wolf

You have to wonder what it would be like to be in the mind of Dick Wolf, the creator of many of our favorite cop shows like New York Undercover and he huge Law and Order franchises. Wolf started his own company, Digipath which provides service for people looking for marijuana education and lab tests. It’s very odd that with all the money being made in the cannabis industry, Digipath is losing money.



Bethany Frankel

You better believe that where there is money to be made, there is Bethany Frankel waiting for her opportunity to cash in on what’s hot. The reality tv star decided to follow her instincts, and first start with a low-calorie alcoholic beverage line called Skinnygirl, that come in many mouth watering flavors. She sold Skinnygirl for over $100 million to Beam Inc. Word on the street if Frankel, is looking to create a munchie free strain of cannabis.

Sir Richard Branson


Richard Branson

Richard Branson is quite the rich and business savvy man, being the founder of Virgin Group. Rumor has it that the billionaire might be interested in joining the cannabis industry. No one would be too surprised since he has been very open about his feelings on legalizing marijuana and he is also a pot smoker himself. He’s been on the Global Commission on Drug Policy to help end the war on drugs.